Bunga Boleh Dimakan Folder Set Zack

The Bunga Boleh Dimakan or Edible Flowers special stamp issue feature three flowers in Malaysia that are widely known used as ingredients in local cuisines which are bunga betik (papaya flower, 60sen), bunga telang (butterfly pea flower, RM1.30) and bunga kantan (torch ginger flower, RM5).

Also featured on the stamps and Miniature Sheet are the local delicacies that use these flowers as part of their ingredients such as kerabu bunga betik, pulut tekan and manuk pansuh.

More Information

More Information
Gtin 20006635
Width 0.100000
Height 32.000000
Length 24.000000
Profit Center 11543046 - Slecommerce
Tax Category _SST Nil
GL Account 633199 - Folder/L.Mini/Poskad/Album/Booklet
Vendor Philately


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