Business Reply Services

Business Reply Services


With Prepaid Reply Envelopes, you can reply to survey forms, contests, billings, electoral communications and direct mail.*
*Postage will be charged to the license holder upon response via imprest account.



Get Business Reply Services in four simple steps:

Step 1
Visit your nearest 30 Business Mail Centre.

Step 2
Fill in application form (PosMel 89-02/MPM/2016) and attach these documents:

● A copy of NRIC or Passport
● A copy of Company Registration Form (Borang 13)
● A copy of Form 9, 24 & 49 (for Company)
● A Sample of mock-up BRS envelope

Step 3
Reload a minimum of RM100 into your imprest account: Your imprest account will be accessible through the MaRS Portal ( for balance enquiry and transactions.

Step 4
Start using Business Reply Services envelopes! Send your BRS envelope to your customers and direct deductions will be made from your imprest account upon receipt at Mail Processing Centre before you receive your responses at your registered P.O. Box or Locked Bag.

Downloads (PDF)
Customs Declaration
Prohibited Items
Terms and Conditions


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