Small Packet

Small Packet


Send small and lightweight items weighing up to 500 g internationally by air.

Zone Countries Estimated Delivery Time (Working Days)
Rate (RM)

First 250g 

Additional 250g

(up to


1 Brunei, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam 4 - 10  35.00 40.00
2 Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Christmas Island, Cocos Island, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Macao, Maldives, Nepal, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Niue Islands, Tokelau Islands, Norfolk Islands, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, Taiwan 5 - 11 45.00 75.00
3 Other Countries 6 - 11 50.00 82.00

The estimated delivery time listed above applies to major cities only.


Deliveries outside major cities may incur additional days.


Packets, envelopes with enclosures, documents and other merchandise are subjected to customs inspection and clearance.


Additional 48 to 72 hours are required for items placed under customs inspection and clearance.


Items may be subjected to additional control and domestic rules of the destination country.


Where such circumstances occur, the sender is advised to deal directly with the relevant authorities of the destination country.





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